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บริการติดตั้ง CNG / LPG
S.Siriseang  Company   Limited  has  an  important  role  in  CNG  Business  in  Thailand.  The  management  team  has  decided  to  provide  full  range  service  to  customers  in  this  industry,   including  to  provide  conversion  service,   by  selecting  the  most  appropriate  and  efficient  conversion  system  to  the  market,   in  order  to  complete  the  cycle  of  Scope  of  supply  in  this  industry.

     For  the  gasoline  engine,   the  company  has  agreed  to  be  the  distributor  for  conversion  system  of  Landi  Renzo.   In  nowadays,   the  company  has  a  major  market  share  in  the  Thai  market.   In  addition,   we  are  gralified  and  selected  to  work  as  OEM  with  several  automobile  manufactures  in  Thailand.

     For  the  diesel  engine,  S.Siriseang  has  co-operated  with  manufacturers  in  developing  Diasel  fuel  system  in  the  application  level  and  proved  in  it\' s  saving  the  diesel  fuel  in  its  operation.   In  addition,   this  system  can  be  converted  with  commonrail  engine  or  electronic  injection  one  Finally  it  is  accepted  among  several  well  known  truck  manufacturer  that  is  the  most  efficient  and  reliable  diesel  dual  fuel  system  which  does  exit.

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Toyota Vigo LPG
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Toyota Commuter LPG
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Nissan Sylphy
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Joylong Grandio NGV
Toyota Fortuner
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